Spas with a difference

Pür Spas combine the comfort of roomy seating with a pleasant intensity of jet power that will make your relaxation experience one to remember. Pür Spas offers three unique models to accommodate your personal seating preferences.

With it’s two captain’s chairs and a triple bench seat, the Spartan let’s you slip into a seat, sit back and just relax.

If it’s a lounger that you want, then the Feeling is for you.  It’s not only a cozy little spa with seating for 3 people, but you’ll love the “Feel It” station. The mini bumps let you massage your hands while you’re hottubbing.

And if it’s roominess you’re looking for, the Orion offers open seating and four jet selection options. You’ll also experience the soothing effect of “Sole Mate”. A floor pattern of mini bumps for the bottom of your feet. Distinctive features only from Pür Spas.

Easy installation

Pür Spas are one piece hot tubs manufactured from polyethylene. The spa bottoms are totally sealed and protected from rotting and rodent infestation. Special ground preparation is not required and Pür Spas can sit on any solid, level surface.

Once in place, fill the spa with water. When full, simply plug the attached 120V, GFCI protected cord into a dedicated 15amp electrical receptacle. It won’t be long before you’re in paradise.

For usage in colder climates, Pür Spas are also convertible to 240V for better heating efficiency. An electrical conversion to 240V should only be done by a certified electrician.

Practical and usable all year round

Thanks to their unique polyethylene structure, Pür Spas are lightweight and virtually indestructible. And since polyethylene inhibits bacterial growth, your spa surfaces will stay healthy.

Pür Spas are insulated with a unique ThermofoilTM reflective blanket. The blanket forms a corral around the inner lining of the spa that traps heat inside.  When using your spa in extremely colder climates, it’s recommended to connect it to 240V for optimal heating performance.

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