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What steps can I take to prepare myself for the reception of my spa?

We made a list of things to do for the FEELING HERE, for ORION HERE and for SPARTAN HERE.

What is the procedure for placing the waterfall within its housing?

You will need to install the waterfall when you receive your spa. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE HERE.

How should I fill my spa for the first time?

The spa cartridge needs to be remove and the garden hose must be inserted into the opening. This will make it easier for your pump to start by releasing air from the water.

DR, DY, or LF error codes: What is the most efficient method to remove air from the spa lines?

If your spa shows DR, DY, or LF codes during start up, it is likely that air is present in the lines, preventing water from flowing through them. Here’s how to remove the air from those lines. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE HERE.

How can I improve my spa's energy performance?

To improve the energy performance, we suggest adding Roxul Rockwool insulation to all three sides of the spa. For Feeling and Spartan spas, you’ll need to add between 1 and 2 bags. For Orion spas, you’ll need at least 2 bags. Roxul Rockwool insulation is available from all good hardware stores.

May I know the highest temperature you can get in the spa?

Like all spas in the business, the maximum temperature reaches 40 degrees.

How can I change the filter cycle and water heating modes?

DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE HERE for info on how to change your filter cycle and your water heating modes. For the Feeling Spa, you must DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE HERE.

My spa is giving me an error code, what does it mean?

The most common error codes have been listed for the Orion and Spartan spas (DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE HERE) and for the Feeling (DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE HERE).

What is the proper method for cleaning the surface of my spa and its cover?

Warm water and a soft brush or cloth can be used to clean the inner and outer surfaces. Thoroughly rinse the detergent before you fill up the spa. Avoid using cleaners that contain harsh abrasives or rubbing and buffing compounds. They can cause permanent damages to the surfaces of your spa. Please ensure that the spa is filled according to the instructions in the Installation and Quick start up Guide of the user’s manual.

Is the spa able to be transported?

Yes, our spas are easy to move. You can transport them with a small trailer, or just put them in the box of a pick up truck. With a weigh between 300 and 340 pounds our spa models can be moved easily from the house to the cottage.

Does my spa work throughout the year?

Yes, our spas are isolated and can be used all four seasons (12 months per year).

What is the best way to prepare my spa for winterization?

It’s important to hire a professional to close your spa during winter to avoid damage caused by improper procedures. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE HERE.

After using the spa, why is the water heater unable to restart?

Your spa conducts an automatic water temperature check every 30 minutes for duration of 1 minute, with the aim of enhancing the temperature in the event of a drop. The heater will shut off when your pump hits high speed if you’re using a 120 V power source. If the temperature that you have previously set has decreased during usage, it is possible that the heater may not automatically activate when you switch from high to low speed of your pump. You can turn the heater back on by decreasing your set temperature by one degree below the current one and waiting for the display to stop flashing. Upon stopping, raise the set temperature back to its original setting. The heater should be restarted in one minute.

I was informed by my vendor of a system that could heat water and save energy. I am interested in learning more about this system?

You can save money on electricity consumption by using the InnovaFlow Eco-Energy Saver system in our spas, which means your heater will be much less solicited. It’s always good to save money!

May I know the recommended frequency for draining the spa?

Depending on usage, you should drain and refill your spa every one to three months, depending on how often you use it. You should also replace the filter cartridge and wipe down the spa as necessary. Always have a replacement filter cartridge on hand.

I am currently searching for the drain valve located within my spa.

We have prepared some documents to help you locate it easily: click here for the FEELING, here for ORION or here for SPARTAN.

How do I replace my filter cartridge?

You can purchase a new cartridge, your spa’s filter element, from your local spa retailer. If the original cartridge is not in stock, check the availability of the equivalents listed in this file.

Which product should I use to disinfect my spa water?

It is recommended to utilize Bromine, lithium, or biguanide. The use of chlorine may result in the warranty being cancelled.

What is the best method for using disinfectants in my spa?

To prevent the accumulation of significant concentrations of disinfectant in a single location and to avoid discoloration of the spa we suggest using Bromine in a float diffuser.

I need to replace a part in my spa that has been damaged, how can I found the part number?

The following documents contain all of our basic spa part codes: FEELING PARTS, ORION PARTS and SPARTAN PARTS.

What steps should I take to replace the drain valve?

If the drain valve is damaged, it can easily be replaced. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE HERE. Remember to drain the spa and change the water once every one (1) to three (3) months, depending on your use.

How do I replace the waterfall receptacle?

The waterfall body can be easily replaced. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE HERE.

What is the procedure for replacing the housing of GFCI outlet that is defective?

If your GFCI outlet is defective, you can change only the housing. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE HERE.

I have lost the user guide, can I download it?

A copy of the user guide can be downloaded: FEELING HERE, ORION HERE and SPARTAN HERE.

My warranty has expired, how can I get service or talk with someone?

Pür Spas continues to provide service for your spa even after your warranty has expired. You can contact us for any question.

Are your products guaranteed to be suitable for use in commercial settings?

No, our warranty doesn’t cover damage that happens when you use it for business or in unusual ways.

I'm a store owner and I'm wondering how to turn on only the lights on my in-store spa demo?

By following the procedure available here, you can easily turn on only the lights of your in-store spa demo.

On my spa leaflet and on the user manual, I see that it says 5 years warranty on the shell with a pro rata. What does that mean?

The pro rata is the period of time the consumer used the spa (from the delivery date)


For example

5 years = 60 months

Spa received on April 1, 2022, replacement of the spa following a problem in April 2024.

2 years of use = 24 months

Purchase cost: $5 000 before taxes

$5 000 / 60 months = $83.33

Prorated usage: $83.33 x 24 months = $2 000


Therefore, there is a pro rata of $2 000 to pay to have a new spa.


The spa cover is never included in a spa exchange.